School of Music & Art Graduation

Here in Israel, the New Year can be celebrated many times, first – our Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah, then New Year of the Trees – Tu B’Shvat, also we do not forget to celebrate, according to the old tradition, The Novy God (Russian Israelis refer to the calendar holiday on January 1st), however, for students, of course, the main New Year is an Educational Year, especially that of a graduation. Here, at the School of Music &  Arts “Rainbow of Sounds” it’s time to finish it up.

This particular July our students and teachers are on stage! From the youngest and inexperienced, to performing, accomplished musicians, from “Two Merry Geese” to Debussy and Mozart, and in the hall, there is a full house of friends, relatives, ones who are not indifferent to music and to the performers themselves for sure. Of course, for some of them it is just a timid beginning, but after it, we believe, they will take a course towards creative development and new horizons of art. In addition to the report cards, the young musicians also received a sweet souvenir, and, of course, the incredible pleasure from the stage performance of enchanting sounds and a reflection of the creativity bestowed by the Great Creator Himself. The broadcast of the concert could be watched for the first time “live” on our Facebook page.


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