An Evening for Holocaust Survivors

To the people who survived the horror of the Holocaust, and perhaps, all Israelis, have a special solemn attitude. Grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers, and fathers – they shed many tears on the soil of their restored nation of Israel. Their losses and pain cannot be assessed and realized. Their memory is carefully preserved in museums, in the hope that only there, on the distant dusty shelves of history, these events will remain forever, and the Catastrophe will never happen again. The “Return to Zion” community is an old and loyal friend of the Haifa Society of Holocaust Survivors. Solemn evenings dedicated to these people who have become dear to us, have become such a rich tradition. On this evening in July, the community hall was filled with the sounds of classical music and the aromas of delicious treats. For grandparents, young musicians, students of the House of Arts “Rainbow of Sounds” played….


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