Flute and piano concert for Olim in Haifa

A concert of flute and piano music for new immigrants was held in Haifa on July 2, 2023. The concert was organized by the Humanitarian Center “Return to Zion” and the music school “Rainbow of Sounds”. The performers were famous flutists from Israel and abroad, as well as a piano teacher from our music school.
The concert was aimed at supporting the integration of new immigrants from different countries and cultures into Israeli society. The program included both classical and contemporary pieces, such as Bach’s Concerto in D minor, Poulenc’s Sonata, and works by Rutter and Doppler. The audience enjoyed the beautiful melodies and the harmony of the instruments.
The concert was also a free event, as the organizers wanted to make it accessible to everyone, especially to the new immigrants who might face financial difficulties. The Humanitarian Center “Returned to Zion”, which provides assistance to new immigrants in various fields, such as education, employment, health, and housing, was also present at the concert and offered information and guidance to the attendees. The concert was a success and received positive feedback from both the performers and the audience. The organizers expressed their gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to this meaningful event.


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