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oasis-magazine We took the first steps in this field in 2001, when we began publishing a small handout for our fellowship. After a while, the handout became a small newspaper. Even though the number we printed was insignificant compared to a secular publication, it was a major event for a Messianic Jewish world as circulation grew to 15,000. This newspaper has become available in Israel, Germany, states of the former Soviet Union, the United States of America and Canada. However, with the advancement of technology, the newspaper has undergone a transformation. After years of printing the paper edition, we have switched to the digital format, making it available to hundreds of thousands of believers around the world.
Today you can read our latest articles on the Internet, with the archives available to those who want to re-visit our earlier publications via “View from Israel” ( http://oasis-magazine.com/ ) in Russian.
We have done this project with the Russian-speaking believers in mind. After all, Russian-speaking believers, especially Jews, are interested in the views and opinions that are prevalent in Israel, particularly if they are written in their native language. All of this has become a reality due to the dedication of our talented team and the Oasis-Magazine achieves its objectives.

Oasis Media TV

However, we did not stop there; in 2013 we launched a new media project: Oasis Media TV.

Even though there is no lack of information when it comes to Christian media, our project has found its niche and has become one of the leading providers of TV programs for the Russian-speaking Messianic Jewish world. Many Messianic Jewish teachers have taken part in Oasis Studio TV programs, which cover various Bible-related topics. Today, by means of the Internet, we are able to broadcast our programs around the world, and with the advent of the social media, we are now able to reach tens of thousands of people. We can truly state that Israel’s faith in the Torah and the Messiah Yeshua has been revived and continues to blossom.

It is not a secret that many Christians have been re-discovering the Jewish roots of their faith. This project has allowed us to provide access to the Hebrew perspective of the Scriptures and the teachings of the Messianic Jewish leaders, and it has become a source of education for those who would like to have a better understanding of the Bible. Moreover, many non-believers have been using our programs in their search for the truth.

Through Oasis Media TV we are able to sow the seeds of faith in the God of Israel and Yeshua the Messiah.

It is truly amazing and it gives us an incredible joy to know that our work in this field furthers the Kingdom of God here in Israel and around the world!


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