Music School “The Rainbow of Sounds”

We launched our music and art school “Keshet Tzlilim” (“The rainbow of sounds” in Hebrew) in 2010 under the umbrella of “Return to Zion” congregation. From the beginning, the goal of the school has been simple: If we believe in the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel, then it should include the cultural restoration.

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The Jewish people have always been known by their musicians and artists. Therefore, we have decided to develop this aspect of our culture by reflecting our Messianic Jewish vision and faith. The musical dimension of our school includes other forms of art—a theatrical group, dance classes and other initiatives.
The quality of education and the friendly atmosphere have been the key factors in the students’ decision to attend our school. Therefore, it was no surprise seeing children from the neighboring parts of Haifa begin to study alongside the children of the families of our congregation.
At the same time, knowing that additional curriculum could be beyond the financial ability of some families, we have started a sponsorship program. We have designed this program to assist the families who would like their children to be part of a given course but do not have the means to pay the tuition. Students are presented with opportunities to take part in various concerts, as well as cultural and special events outside of our congregation. This work has proved to be truly rewarding, as we believe that many of the children we are teaching today will become members of worship teams in the future.
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