Eagle Project


The project was created in 2014, with the goal to serve the new generation after their service in IDF or national service. The vision of this program is to invest in the development of a new generation of leaders and servants in Israel, through united activity in the land and abroad.

In June 2019, a group of 17 young people from 6 different Israeli congregations, having completed their military service, joined in one body for a month of great experiences. This year we started our physical and spiritual journey in France, where our focus was on FAITH. During that week we visited historic places where people were persecuted for their faith. Under great pressure during these hard times, believers experienced God in the most intimate way, saw His hand, and experienced breakthroughs.

The Eagles also traveled to places where French people risked their own lives to save hundreds of Jews during World War II. Local French believers did a great job by planning the week, and they poured out great love upon those young people, who enjoyed each day there.

Every day we started with prayer, discussion and fellowship. This group of young people became a small congregation, ready for the next stage in Norway.

But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

The Eagle Project—a united ministry of Return to Zion and Revive Israel—was created to invest in young adults in Israel and abroad, to disciple and equip them for their next steps with the Lord, and to develop the next generation of leaders and servants.

The next three weeks we continued in Norway, together with our local Christian friends. The first two weeks were full of interesting experiences as we lived with different local families, having quiet time with God (alone and in small groups). The group participated in services, and some of the Eagles served the local community for their first time ever with testimonies, teaching and leading worship.

The group saw the evidence of God’s great miracles and creation during mountain hikes, special times of reflection and talking to Him in the middle of His quite place. It was a great period in which the young eagles came closer to God, received some answers, and asked questions without having to rush anywhere. Norwegian families of believers created a wonderful environment for that. It was a good time as the eagles could begin to serve and minister to others, sometimes for the very first time.

During the last week, the group arrived in Levanger for a huge encounter conference for young adults for five days. This conference was full of worship, teaching, prayers and personal revelations.

We enjoyed a great month, walking as a group on one path while Yeshua was leading. It is very hard to return as the same person after an experience like that.

We know that God has a special calling for the youth; we need them in the body of Messiah—not only in Israel but worldwide.
I would like to encourage every congregation, church and organization to continue investing in the youth, being a spiritual family for them and helping them to grow, to be full of His spirit, and to live a fruitful life. God continues to bless this project and open new doors. Please stay tuned and pray for us, our team and those beautiful young people—God`s special army.

Eagle project include 4 main programs:
  1. Renewal and Discipleship
  2. Eagle Project WeekendsConferences
  3. “Root” – Theological course
  4. Global ministry
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