Sukkot for our kids

Sukkot is one of the most cheerful and joyous feasts in Israel. On this day people build tents – temporary dwellings that remind them of the journey in the desert after the escape from Egypt. The tents are decorated with various fruit, flowers and leaves which create cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

For the children of “Return to Zion” Congregation in Haifa Sukkot became not only a chance to make a celebration but also an opportunity to learn and to create, to have great time to chat in nature. The children gathered various materials for crafts: conifer cones, sticks, acorns, flowers and leaves.

Construction of tents was the most breathtaking and joyful moment of the day. The children divided into 2 teams and competed with each other: who would build a tent quicker and better. They used wooden pillars, ropes, fabrics, films and other materials to make their tents beautiful and strong. The Congregation teens helped the younger children, the adults explained how to celebrate the feast according to the rules and traditions. When the tents construction was finished the children decorated them with their crafts and fruit as well as with the drawings and inscription related to Sukkot.

There is no doubt that in any feast the most important thing is to reserve the true meaning and value that the Creator gave to this day and to pass it on by inheritance to our children. This is why such travel experiences with children are very important for us.

We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to educate your children, to invest divine wisdom in the new generation.


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