Pilgrims Program

Pilgrim program
Pilgrim is an educational program which has been successfully running for the past 5 years. Its purpose is not to provide a bespoke tour guided walk around the historic places of Israel but to allow the individual to immerse into the life of the country, get to know the people.
With education at its core, Pilgrim’s aim is to bring the believers closer to the origin of their faith, its connection to the Patriarchs and the traditions of the Jewish people. And finally, by simply being here, by treading the ground of the heroes of faith, the Bible will become alive to you! Remember, Israel is the place as no other in the entire world because “the eyes of the Lord are always upon it”.

There are two types of programs:

1. Seven days with an additional 3-4 days of touring via an external provider
2. Fourteen days for those who prefer to study in Haifa Theological Institute
The usual study hours will be finishing before noon, which would be followed by educational trips during the afternoon on the same day.
You will be living in a hostel that is located with Shavei Zion Congregation premises in Haifa. The rooms include air conditioners and a communal kitchen (breakfast/dinner is available on request). The hostel is located within 15 min walk from the beach. You will have an opportunity to celebrate Kabalat Shabbat together pil5with the Messianic believer’s members of the congregation.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via the following email: