Conference of the Municipality of Haifa in our Congregation

iriya_kenesJune 17 and July 1, 2016: in the premises of our congregation “Shavei Tzion” was held conference, organized by the Municipality of Haifa, dedicated to inform residents of ​​the redevelopment of the area, and the beginning of the project reconstructions of houses. This project is expected to transform the old district for the better. Also it will attract new immigrants to the city of Haifa, which every year gets better.
Municipality of Haifa chose our rooms, although we Messianic congregation (at our door it is written in a very clear manner). We were glad to take in the “Shavei Tzion” more than 150 people, including several orthodox Jews (haredim).
We hope that this event will help to bring light to these people. After all, it does not happen easily in Israel.