About Our Congregation

As any other child Return to Zion had his own gifts and distinctive features different from his mother congregation Tents of Mercy. Return to Zion started strong informational ministry with the purpose of brining the Good News to Israelis. We started to publish Oasis in Russian. Recently we started to publish Finnish versionof Oasis and called it Nachalei Tsion (“Rivers of Zion”). Today we work to translate Nachalei Tsion to Korean as well.

In 2004 Return to Zion gave birth to his first daughter congregation in the city of Yeshua – Nazareth or rather in the Jewish part of the city – Nazareth-Illit. The congregation was called Netzer-ha-Galil (The Offspring of Galilee). Today our two congregations as well as Tents of Mercy with his daughter congregation in Acco and Puria united in one ministry Tents of Mercy Network. This alliance helps us to be stronger and more effective. We try to support and serve to each other.

Little by little Return to Zion from a small congregation grew into a ministry with different humanitarian and outreach projects. We produce educational programs, movies, and printable materials. We apply to different groups of Israeli society brining the Word of God to them fulfilling the prophesy – “For the law will go forth from Zion And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem”.

Our address: Israel, Haifa, Str. Tel-Aviv 11.