Haifa Theological Institute – 2015 and future projects


Citified programs

The two year distance-learning programs on Messianic Judaism and Practical Theology for Russian-speaking students around the world using recorded video lectures (at present we have 22 students enrolled from the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Israel and Kazakhstan).
The program manager improves and develops those programs, overlooks the enrolling process of new students and supports them in all relevant issues, manages the study process.
The cost is 500 USD per month x 12 = 6,000 USD

Lectures in Haifa

4-6 courses per year (18-20 hours each course) for believers in Haifa and its neighborhood. Topics: history, messianic theology, counseling, personal development.
The cost is 500-1,000 USD per course (teacher’s fee, accommodation, travel expenses and interpretation if needed)


“live” lectures via internet (for Russian speakers).
Weekly lessons consisting of 1-1.5 hours with the possibility of communication with the teacher. Those who are not able to “attend” lectures can view the video recordings.
The first webinar began 06/09/2015 with Dr. Dmitry Zolin (Ukraine) as lecturer. This course of lectures consists of 16 lessons.
The cost is about 1,000-2,000 USD for the whole course (depending on teachers’ fee)

Academic articles (in Russian)

Publication of academic articles on Messianic Judaism on the HTI website. There is a lack of such publications in Russian, so we need to translate existing articles from English (by D.Juster, R. Gannon and others). The cost is 100-200 USD per article

Biblical Hebrew and Greek project

Courses on biblical/ancient Greek and Hebrew with an experienced teacher, using internet and other technologies. Weekly lessons for 1-2 years. Multiple levels.
The cost is about 5,000 USD a year



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