Serving new immigrants despite the challenges of a second lock-down

Rosh Ha-Shana, the Jewish new year celebrations have been unique this year due to Covid-19-Crises. During the last few months, we have received new waves of Olim (new immigrants) in Israel, particularly from the former Soviet Union. According to the government more waves will come, especially during the wintertime. Jewish people are coming back home to their historic homeland and we are doing our best to prepare this home for them and to share the love and care of their Heavenly Father.

Besides humanitarian aid we also offer counseling, during these days on the phone to new immigrants. Mostly advise is needed in relation to the bank and how it operates, renting an apartment, specifics of the local law and many similar questions arise during the first steps in the land. This is also a great opportunity to build relationships with new Olim.

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 In September 55 families asked for advice and consultation. Many of those people came without a family and we are keeping in touch with them during this second lock-down in the country, since being alone in a new and foreign country during lock-down can be challenging. 

During the special season of fall feasts our ministry distributed food packages and household wares such as: 

– diapers for children to families

– pots and pans

– dry food packages with special ingredients for the feasts 

– hot meals 

Just before the second lock-down we succeeded to arrange a small event for those that just arrived in Israel with music, fellowship, and explanation about the meaning of the feasts.  After this festive evening, several participants asked to receive a scripture being open to learn more about the fests and the God of Israel who commanded to observe them.

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