Return to Zion Congregation

Since the beginning of the quarantine, thanks to the Lord, we have not only kept our congregation together, but we have seen a significant growth of our ministry. Home groups have taken on more importance, and online meetings have expanded; instead of 500-600 viewers per week “before quarantine,” we have reached 2,000 viewers during our Shabbat service alone! Also, we have divided our congregation into two groups (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was a requirement to limit the number of people in one room).

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Today the Russian-speaking group gathers at 11 a.m. and the Hebrew-speaking group at 1 p.m., and an additional group has emerged on Wednesdays. As a pastor, I had not led home groups before, but beginning in March I began to run an online home group for those who are not members of any home group. Today, during online studies of the Scriptures on Wednesdays, about 90 to 100 people are gathering. This is an essential addition to our congregation, with its own requests, needs, and questions.

We do not know how the ongoing events will continue to develop and whether we, as a country, will enter another full shutdown.  How will we be with the congregation and communicate with the people? All these issues are very challenging, and I ask you to join us in PRAYER for wisdom from HEAVEN!