I was born in the USSR in 1968. And at the age of 13 or 14 I noticed a problem. People were not saying what they thought; they were saying what was expected! TV and radio were constantly broadcasting things “pleasing” to the government, and alternative opinions were either suppressed or ridiculed. I was only a boy, but this injustice always hurt me terribly. When I grew up and went to study at the university in Riga in 1985, and as I served in the Soviet Army in 1988, I saw how PROPAGANDA was growing in strength and aggressiveness.
   It was also a question of equality when the rights of some people (in my case as a Jewish believer in Yeshua) were diminished relative to the rights of others. Many who grew up in the Free World do not understand me, but this was definitely “suppression of human personality.”
   Israel, according to our leaders, is the only democracy in the Middle East. I always seen and understood it as such, and I have been proud of it, as much as one can “be proud as a believer!” And so, it has been for the past thirty years that I have lived here. You could say what you wanted to say, and maybe not everyone liked it, but your right to VOTE was real. And, as a person, you were equal to others—at least in your rights, if not in your capabilities.
I do not recognize my beloved Israel today! 
Mass media is filled with propaganda. It is clear that a pandemic is a real danger, and it is important to act responsibly. But when you see how some people get away with ignoring the police and the “rules of the pandemic,” while others are attacked and fined, you realize that the freedom of a human being to be the master of his or her own body is being sacrificed to the “Moloch of vaccination.” (I am not for or against “vaccination.” I am for freedom of choice.). When I see that 70 per cent of the news is filled with threats to restrict the rights of those who “refuse” vaccination, I feel uncomfortable, and I am churning inside, as I did when I was in the USSR!          But now my disappointment is much greater. After all, Israel has always been a FREE country!
Why am I writing this to you? I want to provoke you to prayer! Earnest prayer “changes the heart of the king!” We must not lose the Freedom of Personal Choice!
   Dear friends. Our projects, especially humanitarian ones, are growing and through them we see the Real hand of the Lord on others. Your prayers and your contributions are an integral part of our work for the Lord in the Land of Israel. Thank you for strengthening our arms!!!

Peace and protection upon you and your family members from the Almighty, Heavenly Father.

Leon & Nina Mazin
Founders of Return to Zion Ministry